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Empowering sports organizations with expert knowledge and raising awareness of the importance of physical activity for the better physical and psychological development of children and healthy adult life.

GIB – The most inclusive and diverse sports society in Slovenia

  • With 119 years' history, the GIB Sports Society/Association has become a one-of-a-kind success story in the Slovenian sports ecosystem.
  • Today GIB is recognized for its high-quality recreational sports programs (for children from 9th month; for adults and seniors) and for building authority on high-quality competitive and professional sports, such as women's artistic gymnastics and judo.


  • GIB has more than 1500 members yearly and employs 12 professional coaches and other sports professionals. We are also regularly working with more than 40 external amateur instructors and trainers who are covering 36 different sport programmes. We have international judges and other officials in judo and gymnastics. Therefore, our sports ecosystem and GIB Society is one of the largest in Slovenia.




  • We are raising young children into the sport from the age of 9 months, guiding them through our sports program for children (GIBALČEK). We have a team of experts who are monitoring and guiding them further into appropriate recreational or competitive sports - especially judo and women's artistic gymnastics. For adults and the elderly, we offer a large range of professional and high-quality recreational programs.
  • GIB is the only one in Slovenia with such a spatial and HR capacities. Our own facilities spread over 5000 m2; (8 sports halls) and 1500 m2 of outdoor sports areas. Therefore, we can offer wide range of sports programs in one place. We are proactive and constantly follow modern guidelines for offering new sports programs and services with enthusiasm.




  • Partnering with other organizations for developing interdisciplinary sport projects is one of our goals: Ljubljana's Sports Association, Faculty of sport, different schools and pre-schools in Ljubljana, Judo association of Slovenia, Gymnastics association of Slovenia and the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. We were also named as a regional centre for judo and women's artistic and rhythmic gymnastics; by Olympic Committee of Slovenia.
  • We are also managing the Slovenian sports recreation Association which gathers 25 sports organizations and societies. It currently has 6 active national projects in sport recreation.


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Erasmus+ Sport, enables us to enrich our offer and contribute to EU policy. With our knowledge, experience, staff, and equipment we are ready and able to implement various EU projects.


Our own projects:

  • Razgibani pohodi (recreational hike for seniors)
  • International Summer Gymnastics Camp
  • GIB Summer Camp (sport activities for kids during the school holidays)
  • Organized trips to Europe for youth


Projects Where We Cooperate as Partners:

  • Počitnice so zakon! (sport activities for kids during the school holidays)
  • Judo global education project – Jita Kyoei


Erasmus+ Sport Projects:

As beneficiary:


As partners:


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